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One of Calgary’s most impressive expansion programs is about to come to life at Calgary International Airport (YYC). Its new International Terminal is about to open to the world with its first flights departing from the brand new facility on October 31.

The new Terminal has been part of YYC’s largest and most ambitious expansion projects – the Airport Development Program. Years in the making and a $2 billion investment for The Calgary Airport Authority, the program includes the creation of Canada’s longest runway, which opened in 2014 and adding to its existing facility, the new Terminal will double the airport’s overall building footprint. Pretty exciting in itself, but it gets better.

The new International Terminal will cater primarily to international and U.S.-destined traffic, adds 24 aircraft gates, and incorporates new connections processes that will make connecting through Alberta’s gateway an even smoother process. In fact, in some cases if you’re connecting through YYC, you may not even have to pick up and recheck your bags. These new processes are handled through YYC’s new Connections Centre, developed to streamline the passenger experience for the significant number of travellers using YYC to connect to one of the many destinations around the world that the airport serves.

While its facilities will double as of October 31, YYC will also make it easier for passengers to connect from the existing building, soon to be the domestic terminal, to the new International Terminal. From A to E, once you are behind the secure area, you’ll be able to use the new Connections Corridor to move along each concourse by walking, using numerous moving walkways, or riding on the new YYC LINK passenger shuttle.

The electric YYC LINK passenger shuttle vehicles can carry up to 10 passengers, and their carry-on luggage, at a time. Stopping at stations in each concourse every two minutes, the YYC LINK will be a great way for passengers to connect from one area to another as they make their way through YYC’s expanded facilities.

In addition to its many features for the connecting traveller, all passengers departing through YYC will be able to enjoy its various self-serve options. The new International Terminal is equipped with hundreds of self-serve kiosks supporting every process from checking-in with your airline to going through customs.

It is also equipped with 20 self-bag drop units, which connect to North America’s first and largest CrisBag tote and tray baggage system. This new baggage system provides 100 per cent continuous tracking of your luggage. In addition to positive tracking, the system also reduces energy consumption by 60 per cent of that of a traditional baggage system. One of many sustainable features in the new terminal.

And if you’re travelling to an international or U.S. destination on or after October 31, you’ll want to give yourself some extra time to enjoy YYC’s 50 new shops and services. With locallyinspired – and locally loved- food and beverage destinations such as Spolumbo’s, Hana Sushi, Green Chili and Vin Room, you’ll find a great taste of Calgary, complemented by some worldrenowned names such as WolfGang Puck.

Lastly, with all these new processes and places to navigate, the airport has expanded its team of customer-service professionals. Complementing its well-established and world-famous White Hat Volunteer Program, the airport has more than 150 Customer Care and Curbside Ambassadors, focused on ensuring passengers have a great experience from roadway to runway and will help guests through everything from curb-drop off to guiding them through new technologies.

All these great additions will ensure that YYC and its partners can continue to grow and develop well into the future, and position this significant economic driver to bring more destinations around the world to the province of Alberta, create greater links to business markets and much more.

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