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CALGARY – The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) welcomed travellers to its first ever high-performance CATSA Plus checkpoint located in the new International Terminal at YYC Calgary International Airport.

The new checkpoint is part of the CATSA Plus concept, which brings together several equipment and process innovations that have successfully been trialed over the past few years to improve passenger flow and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of screening operations.

“CATSA is an innovative agency striving to improve the screening experience while ensuring the highest level of security,” said Angus Watt, President and CEO of CATSA. “Our new CATSA Plus checkpoint, the first of its kind in Canada, is designed to transform the passenger experience at airport security.”

The six-lane state-of-the-art checkpoint now operating at YYC Calgary International Airport includes features such as motorized rollers, a remote X-ray viewing room, an automatic bin return system, and improved divest and repack stations that allow passengers to move through these areas of the screening process at their own pace.

“The design of our new international terminal emphasizes a positive passenger experience, and that includes incorporating new services and technologies designed to streamline the process for travellers through YYC,” said Garth Atkinson, President and CEO of The Calgary Airport Authority. “The new CATSA Plus technology is an important component of the passenger streamlining process – one I’m sure travellers will greatly appreciate.”

The CATSA Plus concept can be adapted to different airport environments, incorporating some or all features depending on checkpoint size, space and passenger volumes. The new, bright and spacious International Terminal at YYC Calgary International Airport provided the ideal opportunity to deploy the first full CATSA Plus checkpoint.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), an organisation representing airlines worldwide, welcomed the introduction of CATSA Plus.

“We congratulate CATSA for introducing the concept of Smart Security- a new global model for airport security,” said Nick Careen, Senior Vice President Airports, Passenger, Cargo and Security, IATA. “CATSA Plus checkpoints will not only improve the passenger experience and boost the efficiency of the security process but also ensure that YYC Calgary International Airport has a security solution that can be adapted to meet the expected growth in passenger traffic over the next 20 years.”

In advance of the opening of the CATSA Plus checkpoint at YYC, a trial of a single CATSA Plus line launched in August at the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport has shown promising results. A recent passenger survey indicates that the proportion of travellers who said their screening experience was better than previous experiences increased by 112% – from 29% pre-trial to 60% for those going through the CATSA Plus line.

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