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TORONTO – Travelers along Ontario’s 400/401-series highways can now get their information in real time using state-of-the-art touch screen technology that’s interactive, fun, accessible and user-friendly.

Self-service kiosks in 20 of Ontario’s 23 ONroute Service Centres have been replaced with new free-standing, triple-sided kiosks that are efficient, contain extensive information and linkages to key tourism websites and services, connect travelers directly with tourism businesses, and offer important road safety information.

The remaining 3 kiosks will be replaced as construction is completed in each Centre. The change is the result of a partnership between the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

The kiosks contain new 65-inch digital screens which connect users directly with information and services such as: a direct link to OTMPC’s travel website ontariotravel.net, Ontario’s accommodation providers and attractions, and links that enable people to join the conversation on OTMPC’s social media channels as well as download the tourism-focused Discover Ontario mobile app.

Two interactive games, ‘Top Traveler’ and ‘Memory Match’, based on OTMPC’s ‘Ontario’s Best Road Trips’ summer marketing campaign, make learning about Ontario’s many experiences, products and destinations fun and exciting. Since the new kiosks launched in mid-August, they have captured the attention of over 190,000 visitors to the ONroute Service Centres.

MTO offers various information options at the kiosks, including maps displaying real-time weather and traffic, and a valuable trip-planning tool that helps ensure timely, safe travel experiences.

OTMPC contracted Cineplex Digital Media to develop this innovative and creative way of communicating with consumers through technology.

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